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If you want to understand Futures and Options like a professional trader, and are looking for explanations that are simple and easy to follow, then Options Explained Simply is for you.

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What you’ll learn

Options Explained Simply will give you an intuitive and sound understanding of what futures and options are, how they are valued, and how they behave in changing market conditions. You will gain the knowledge and the understanding that is necessary to analyse futures and options intelligently, like a professional trader.

Pre-requisite Knowledge and skills

You are not expected to have any prior specialised financial knowledge. Everything will be introduced as though you are a novice, and taught lesson-by-lesson.

Nor are you expected to have any advanced mathematical ability.  All you need is confidence with arithmetic, averages, simple interest, reading graphs, and basic algebraic expressions.

How Options Explained Simply manages to explain complex subject matter simply

The following teaching techniques and features enable me to explain the subject matter simply, and allow you to learn and understand it easily:

The level of mathematics usually associated with futures and options is advanced and sophisticated, and is far beyond the level that most people pursue an education in mathematics to. That makes futures and options appear incomprehensible and intimidating to most people. To avoid people being scared off, and to allow a wide audience to understand, Options Explained Simply teaches with simplified mathematics that is within people’s capability.

The subject matter is taught with reference to familiar, real-life scenarios.

The amount of detail is simplified to keep the subject matter clear and unclouded by unnecessary layers of complexity.

Visualisation, an important and powerful means for learning for most people, is extensively utilised. Often, the written explanations are complimented with graphical illustrations in order to clarify the subject matter more than words alone do. The calculations presented are visually transparent in that every key step in them is clearly shown. Coloured text is used to emphasise and clarify key points.